About the comic:

Memento Vivere follows the deeds and misdeeds of the vampires of Gothenburg as they wander through their respective eternal nights as well as the humans and other creatures that make up a collective world of darkness.

This comic is based on the role-playing game Vampire the Masquerade as well as other games by White Wolf, but with a personal touch that changes both this and that according to the whims of the comic´s artist and creator.

About the artist:

Memento Vivere comes into being by the collective efforts of glittering dream team Fanny N. Wihlborg on art and story and Bafel Jajo on web administration. Fanny is a self-trained freelance artist who´s been passionate about comics all her life. She sells commissions and visits cons every now and then to see what the world has to offer beyond her drawing desk, like… sunshine and… other people. Bafel makes stuff; whatever he pleases really, from jewelry to furniture, and he also supplies the Fanny with generous amounts of tea while she´s making the comic which is essential. In their free time they arrange a vampire larp (live action role-playing game) in Gothenburg because they have both been bitten by vampires and therefore must fill their lives with vampire-related hobbies. Probably anyway, I mean how much vampire do you need in a lifetime before it becomes unhealthy.

If you are in Gothenburg and want to try that larp out you are very welcome!

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